Adraint Bereal


Adraint Bereal is a multi-disciplinary creative who focuses on film, photography, bookmaking, and graphic design. He is a BFA Design graduate from the University of Texas Austin.

His work is culturally relevant, and he has an authentic, original voice. In 2018, he had his first solo show at the George Washington Carver Museum in Austin, TX. The work was titled “1.7,” the percentage of Black men on the UT Austin campus out of 52,000 students. The show included images of physical expression and interviews from 25 Black men.

Adraint’s next project, “The Black Yearbook,” showcased the stories of Black students on campus, and was featured in The New York Times, The Atlantic & Vice. Recently he has worked with several high-profile clients, including AT&T, Calvin Klein, The New York Times, & Airbnb.