Matias & Mathias

Matias Rygh and Mathias Eriksen met in school at the age of 16 and have been friends and collaborators ever since. Their foray into filmmaking began with skate films, which is where they started developing their craft, but it was their dark, visually-driven narrative shorts that caught the attention of a producer in Oslo and landed them their first commercial job, a car spot. They were 19 years old. The experience was positive but they chose to continue creating short films for another five years before diving back into advertising.

Matias & Mathias began directing commercials again in earnest after signing with Scandinavian production company Bacon in 2016. Through this partnership and the generous mentoring of the other directors at the company, they have received a film education that some would argue outweighs any formal training. In 2017 their work earned the duo a Bronze Lion at Cannes, Gold and Silver with Epica, and a Bronze at Eurobest.