David Terry Fine

David Terry Fine is a filmmaker committed to telling compelling human stories rooted in truth. His artful approach and candor with subjects grants him unique access to some of the world's most interesting and well-known artists, musicians and athletes, laying a foundation of openness that lets him capture honest, cinematic, and resonant performances.

Growing up in Seattle, David started making entertainment when he was four years old. Upon returning from the hospital with his parents and newborn baby sister, he set up a makeshift theater in the kitchen where he put on an original musical called “Baby Goes to California.” (His sister never left, and now they are the best of friends.)

For David, filmmaking is much like his other passions: sports and music. Collaborative. Physical. Rhythmic. Temporal. Cathartic. With a concert organist for a mother, David was raised at a piano bench, an instrument he played everyday for 13 years until taking up drums and beginning to play in bands. He thinks of directing as part of his evolution as both an artist and a person. He believes that the collective energy of everyone involved in production finds its way onscreen, hence his centered presence and steadfast positivity throughout the process.

David has had the pleasure of working with a slew of talented collaborators and friends: Radiolab, Robyn, ESPN, Adult Swim, Nowness, and MoMA, to name a few. His experimental and music video work has been viewed over 25 million times online and featured at festivals and museums around the world.

He lives in Brooklyn where he’s developing an episodic series for television. He likes to travel, dance, and play music whenever time allows.